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I’ve been drawing since I was in preschool. My interest in cartooning came when I was in the second grade.

During that era, I’ve looked up to my favorite cartoonists for inspirations. Artists like Charles Schulz of Peanuts; Jim Davis of Garfield; Johnny Hart of B.C. and The Wizard of Id whom he collaborated with Brant Parker; Tom K. Ryan of Tumbleweeds; Bil Keane of The Family Circus; Reg Smythe of Andy Capp; Lynn Johnston of For Better or for Worse; Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes; Garry Trudeau of Doonsebury; Berkeley Breathed of Bloom County and Outland; Morrie Turner of Wee Pals; Tom Batiuk of Funky Winkerbean; and to name a few whom that I may have overlooked. What I cannot find in my local newspaper, I would look for my other favorites in reprints in trade paperbacks. However, my biggest inspirations would have to be Mad magazine artists Sergio Aragones, and the late artists Dave Berg, and my hero, the great Don Martin.

Whenever I’m not the drawing table, my other activities include outdoor walking, yoga, and spending time with my godsons, Matthew and Ashton.

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I only know Patrick as the classmate I never knew until we met at our 20-year high school reunion. What comes to me though is that he has talent in comedic expression as an outlet for life challenges and he is truly sincerely open to accepting people in our differences and appreciates connecting as it flows most authentically rather than trying to make people be someone, someway, that isn't true to their being. 

Angel S.
Eugene, OR

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Mr. Warner's cartoons add color to the humdrums of everyday life. His bold lines and sharp tact create characters in situations that are relatable and inclusive. His cartoons express the musings of a man who has a great sense of irony as well as an imagination capable of summoning up illustrations likened to the daydreams of both adults and children alike

Price Girls, 
Authors of
The Merging of Shadows

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